Web Hosting:
With so many options out there for Web Hosting and so many different packages; it can be incredibly overwhelming to find a host and select a package. ENH Studios believes in simplicity and availability; offering only two (2) packages; one for photographers and one for web developers. See packages for more information and pricing.

Web Design Services
Web Design needs to be kept simple. By utilizing ENH Studios for your website, you will never have to worry about learning any code or language. We will give you everything you need; training, documentation and continued support even after your site is built.

Since the process of obtaining a website can be confusing and overwhelming: keeping the pricing simple is key. We do not offer a plethora of packages; just one simple price: $45 / hour. This decision was simple; most sites can be setup and functioning within just a few short hours by utilizing WordPress.

Wedding Videography

We are now offering Wedding Videography Services for 2018 and Beyond.

Utilizing the best technology available, we will utilize our decade of Videography experience to capture every moment of your day. Offering only two packages makes your decision simple, and with all the decisions you are going make, why not have this be the easiest?

Find out more information or book by heading on over to our Wedding Videography page.