We are extremely pleased to announce a new “Channel” for ENH Studios: ENH Food. ENH Food is a new food channel that will highlight awesome food recipes and eventually, awesome local eateries in the Springfield area.. It has always been the intention of having multiple “channels” within ENH; and starting off with Tech was really a no-brainer. But what was next? What is the next thing that we can do to drive original content? The answer was also a no-brainer.

Instead of going outside of ENH and finding some random thing to turn into a channel and content, we looked internally. And asked ourselves, “What does everyone else enjoy? What is our passion?”. The answer came quick, food. It’s a necessity, we need it to live every day, and good food is luxury.

Who doesn’t love cooking and trying new recipes? I know I go through cooking phases, where all I want to do is cook; look up new recipes and enhance the ones I already use. And with these cooking phases comes some pretty wicked recipes that I really want to share. The first of course is a Stotts’ Household Favorite: Crispy Skin Chicken.

There are a lot of recipes in the mix, and we are planning to show every one of them to you. We are even going to dedicate part of the ENH site to this cooking channel. And of course, we will eventually ask our audience to submit videos for our channel, helping expand this burning passion.

In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy our first ENH Food YouTube Video: How To: Make Crispy Skin Chicken. And as always, if you liked the video; click the thumbs up and subscribe. Also, check us out on Facebook and click the like button.

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